How do I become an affiliate?

    1. Visit and fill in the registration form
    2. Wait for your affiliate request to be accepted
    3. Start earning easy money just by promoting our links!


We currently don’t have any requirements to join our program other than being a Twitch/Mixer streamer or a YouTuber. We check each application and appoint the affiliate status to each person separately, so please give us time to process each application.

Once your application is accepted, you will be emailed with your username and password which can be changed via the link supplied in the email. You can then log into the affiliate dashboard to find your affiliate link, create custom campaigns, check statistics and more!

How does the dashboard work?

Visit to access the dashboard

Affiliate Urls

On this tab you can find your unique referral URL which will be the link you use to promote our products. Every purchase made through your link will earn you 20% commission.

You are also able to choose specific products or pages from our site and create your own custom urls. Instead of directing your followers to our homepage, it will take them to the page or product you have chosen. To do this you copy the link of the page into the referral url generator and press generate URL.


This tab will show you a range of information on your performance.

    • Unpaid referrals: This shows you how many successful referrals you have made but you have not been paid for.
    • Paid referrals: This shows you how many referrals you have already been paid for.
    • Visits: Shows you how many people have visited all of your links.
    • Conversion Rate: Shows you how many successful conversions you have made in comparison to the amount of visits
    • Unpaid earnings: Shows how much you are currently due, which is paid out every month.
    • Paid earnings: How much commission you have earned and have been paid for.
    • Commission rate: The percentage of money you will receive from each sale

The referrals tab will show you a list view of all of your successful referrals. It includes the date of purchase, amount you will be paid and the status of your payment.


Here you can change your payment email.

Where can I download resources?

We provide a wide range of resources to help you get started. Below you will find a link to an affiliate resource park including:

    • Logos
    • Panels
    • Lower Thirds
    • Promotional Video (Coming Soon)

When do I get paid?

Affiliates earn 20% commission from each sale they make through their referral link. Payouts take place each month and there is currently no payment threshold to reach to receive your payment.

Payments are sent out via PayPal which you set upon registration and can be changed in the settings tab on the affiliate dashboard.

Looking for more info? Read the terms and conditions here.